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Mountain View High School

Saturday December 2, 2023

2:00 pm

2135 Mountain View Road

Stafford, VA 22556


Monday April 15 - Saturday April 20, 2024

All classes will meet at their regular class day, time and location (to include Quantico).  Dancers are to come to their regular class completely dressed in costume, hair, and make-up as if they were performing.  Combo classes will also need clothes for gymnastics.


Thursday, May 9, 2024—Arrive 5:30 pm

A mandatory full stage dress rehearsal will be held at Mountain View High School.  Dancers are to arrive completely dressed in costume, hair, and make-up ready to perform.  Parents may enter the auditorium to video and/or take pictures. 

Dancers are to arrive at 5:30 pm. Upon arrival, dancers will be shown to their dressing area. Rehearsal will begin no later than 6:00 pm and is scheduled to end by 8:30 pm.  We will make every effort to stay on schedule.  Our curtain call will be rehearsed first, followed by the show in order.  After each dancer is finished dancing, they will be released from rehearsal.   Parents will pick dancers up from their assigned dressing area. We ask no men in the dressing areas, staff will be available to help with pickup.

This can be a very chaotic day, only parents may attend, no siblings please. Dress rehearsal is a good time for flash photography or video, as it is prohibited at Saturday’s performance. Concessions will be available (chips, candy, drinks)


May 11, 2024, 2:00 pm - Dancers Arrive 1:00 pm

Dancers are to arrive completely dressed in costume, hair, and make-up ready to perform. Room Mothers and dancers ONLY may enter the dressing area!  Please do not leave the auditorium while the show is in progress, it is distracting to the dancers and audience.  All dancers will remain in the dressing areas until the entire performance is over.  After curtain call, dancers will be returned to dressing areas to prepare for pick up.  This is for safety reasons and is important that we adhere to these procedures.


April 29 - May 10, 2024 Cost $15.00

May 11, 2024 Cost $20.00

Everyone is required to purchase a ticket, except room mothers and dancers.  Children age 2 and under do not need a ticket if sitting on a lap.  No strollers or infant car seats allowed in the auditorium.  All proceeds go to the rental of the stage, lighting, props, and music production.  Tickets will be first come, first served, assigned seating and will be on sale online beginning April 29, 2024, time TBD.  Online ticket sales will end at 12:00 pm performance day.  A link is provided at the top of this page.  At the door you must present a paper printed ticket or you may download the mobile ticket (not the print version) for more efficient check in process. There are no refunds or exchanges for tickets.  If writing a check, a Social Security Number or Driver's License Number must be provided. 


Our performance will be digitally recorded by Ashquil Productions.  A representative will be available the day of the performance or videos may be ordered online at  



Anyone recording or taking pictures during the performance, will be asked to leave the auditorium.  There are no exceptions!!  Please inform any family and guests of this policy.


On performance day, parents will check in dancers at the table in front of the dressing area.  Once the dancer is checked in, parents will receive a "ticket" with their dancers name, this will be needed to pick up dancers after the show!  Parents are NOT allowed backstage or in dressing areas at any time on performance day!!  Please do not interfere with this process.  Interference can cause upset and disruption among the dancers.  Please be sure dancers understand this beforehand.  Dancers are supervised by staff and Room Mothers during the entire performance.  

After the curtain call on Saturday, dancers will be taken back to dressing areas to prepare for pick up.  Parents will present their "ticket" to our staff at the same location dancers were dropped off.  One female adult will be allowed backstage to pick up their dancer.  Our drop off and pick up procedures are for the safety of our dancers, it is important that we adhere to them.


Dancers should arrive in costume, hair and make-up ready to perform at each of the above rehearsals and performance.  For those who do not know, underwear is NOT to be worn with tights!  Make-up is to be worn so that performers do not look washed out from stage lighting. 


For dancers in more than one dance:  Please hang each costume on a hanger and clearly label each piece with the dance name.  Shoes and tights for each dance need to be in a bag labeled with the dancers name and dance name.

Dress rehearsals and the performance itself may be long for younger dancers.  It is advised that they use the restroom before being dropped off.  Small, non-spill water bottles that are clearly labeled will be allowed at dress rehearsal, absolutely no other drinks, or snacks will be allowed in dressing areas.  Dancers should leave ALL belongings with parents.  D&G staff and room mothers are not responsible for any belongings left behind, lost, damaged, or stolen.

Please be respectful and turn off all cell phones.

Thank you for your cooperation! 

We look forward to an amazing performance!


Jenny Jones, Owner/Instructor

Brenda Rath, Artistic Director/Instructor

Ashley Jackson, Instructor

Danielle Johnson, Instructor

Lexie Jones, Instructor

Sarah Lukacs, Instructor

Elyse Quinton, Instructo

Kaylee Lane, Assistant Instructor

Heather Lukacs, Assistant Instructor

Mikhayla Waleisky, Assistant Instructor

Cennagh McCampbell, Assistant Instructor

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